The Van Box Natural

Camper van conversion Kit, one size fits all

If you are looking for a Campervan conversion kits in Australia then look no further.

The Van Box offers a lounge, bed and 1.9m draw

Black stained Lightweight plywood

Price-  Vanbox 2.0 Natural Finish $3400, folding mattress $300, wheel arch box $300, folding shelf $300

Pickup from Jervis bay or ask for a quote for delivery to your door.

Drop us a line for more info

Jordan Godley

My fiancee and I used Tyson at Undercover Creative for our Mercedes hi-top camper conversion in early 2020. Tyson installed a Vanbox 2.0 system which fit like a glove. We lived in the van for over 4 months and the Vanbox was nothing short of a dream to use, never had any issues and the system was definitely a selling point when we sadly had to sell the van at the end of our travels, I think we actually made a profit on the van from having such a professionaly made product installed into our van at such an amazing price. Thanks Tyson, we’ll hopefully be back for another one in the future