The Van Box 2.0

The Van Box was designed and developed by undercover campers as a quick camper solution that is available for anyone with a van.

Designed to fit any standard sized van 

Removable in minutes

Specially designed folding handles to eliminate back strain when removing from van

Lounge to bed function slides up and down easily and smoothly in seconds with a newly designed system

High density foam Clark rubber mattress specially cut with folding hinge included

Lounge system is supported by aluminum arm that is accessed from the back of the van

Angle of lounge can be easily changed, or bed unlocked and easily dropped into sleeping position

900mm draw with removable sliding shelf extends from back of Van Box, Best quality lock in and out Ovesco draw slides

Made from all best quality materials- Alluminium, Galvanized screws, All ply sealed and painted to ensure long sustainable lifespan!

So do you want to get  away?? Just slide in a Van Box and your in action!